Library Holdings

Library of Congress Classification (How to find your book)

  • Class D – History (General)
  • Subclass DA – Great Britain
  • Subclass DS – Asia
  • Class G – Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  • Subclass G – Geography (General), Atlases, Maps
  • G 369-503: Special Voyages and Travels
  • G 521-539: Adventures, Shipwrecks, Buried Treasure, etc.
  • G 540-550: Seafaring Life, Ocean Travel, etc.
  • G 575-890: Arctic and Antarctic Regions
  • Subclass GC – Oceanography
  • Subclass GN – Anthropology
  • Subclass GR – Folklore
  • Subclass GV – Recreation / Leisure
  • Class V – Naval Science (General)
  • Subclass VA – Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation
  • Subclass VK – Navigation / Merchant Marine
  • VK 15-124: History, conditions, etc.
  • VK 381-397: Signaling
  • VK 401-529: Study and teaching
  • VK 549-572: Science of Navigation
  • VK 573-587: Nautical Instruments
  • VK 798-997: Sailing directions, Pilot guides
  • VK 1000-1249: Lighthouse Service
  • Subclass VM – Naval Architecture / Shipbuilding / Marine Engineering
  • VM 15-124: History
  • VM 311-466: Special Types of Vessel
  • VM 595-989: Marine Engineering
  • General Education Titles may be found in the Student Services Office
  • Class A – General Works
  • Class B – Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  • Class C – Auxiliary Sciences of History
  • Classes E and F – History of the Americas
  • Class H – Social Sciences
  • Class J – Political Sciences
  • Class K – Law
  • Class L – Education
  • Class N – Fine Arts
  • Class P – Literature (Fiction)
  • Subclass PE – English Language
  • Subclass PN – Literature (General)
  • Subclass PQ – French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Literature
  • Subclass PR – English Literature [PR6000 – PR6200 in Slocum Library]
  • Subclass PS – American Literature
  • Subclass PZ – Fiction and Juvenile
  • Class R – Medicine
  • Subclass SH – Aquaculture / Fisheries / Angling
  • Class T – Technology
  • Class U – Military Science
  • Nautical Science Titles may be found in the Joshua Slocum Library
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Gale, through our membership with Massachusetts Libraries, provides us with a number of databases to search for Magazine articles, Scholarly journal articles, Newspaper articles and Encyclopedia entrees. To search for a topic, select a database and type your topic into the search box.


The SAILS Library Network is a collaboration between 73 libraries throughout 39 communities in Southeastern Massachusetts. If you obtain a library card from any of the 73 libraries, then you may request items from any of the other 73 libraries. The library card is free and available through the Millicent Library in Fairhaven. If you have a library card from the Millicent Library in Fairhaven, you may access all of their online resources such as e-books, e-magazines, databases and Museum passes.

The vast resources of the Boston Public Library are available to anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Massachusetts. You may access their e-book collection, their research databases as well as their downloadable, movies and tv episodes, magazines and music. To sign up for a BPL E-Card, instructions follow.

How to Register for a Boston Public Library e-Card

If you live, work or go to school in Massachusetts, you may register for a Boston Public Library eCard. This gives you access to many wonderful resources and research databases.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on LogIn/Register at the top right corner of the page
  3. If you have already registered, fill in your Library Card Number and PIN
  4. To register, at right it says ”Don’t have a BPL card? Get an eCard” Click on Get an eCard
  5. At right, click on the blue box “Register or Renew an eCard
  6. Answer the questions. If you are from out of state, use the Northeast Maritime Institute address: 32 Washington St., Fairhaven, MA 02719
  7. Once you have your eCard number and have set your PIN you have access to all the research and entertainment resources of the Boston Public Library

Searching Databases through the Boston Public Library

  1. Begin at the BPL homepage
  2. Click on LogIn/Register at the top right corner of the page, fill in your eCard number and PIN
  3. There is a red strip that runs across the top of the page. Hover over “Books & More” to see all the resources available to you
  4. Under the second column “Learning & Research” click on “Online Resources
  5. You will now see 2 boxes. One is by Subject, the other is by Format. Click on “View All” to expand the lists under either of these two headings
  6. When you see a database that interests you, click on it. You will either be taken directly to the search page for that database or sometimes you will be asked to fill in your eCard number and PIN again. Go ahead and do that. You are now ready to search.